Compositionally Complex Alloys 2014


Munich, Germany 

July 15-18 2014


Easo George
Oak Ridge National

Uwe Glatzel
Metals and Alloys
University Bayreuth

Workshop Scope and Objective:


Compositionally complex alloys (also called multi-principal element or high entropy alloys) offer a new framework for conceiving and developing metallic alloys. This idea opens up a vast, new composition space that has the potential for discoveries of both scientific and practical benefit. As with any new effort that gains momentum, the excitement of new ideas and results generates a dynamic exchange and new problems to solve. Basic scientific issues range from questions of thermodynamic stability to mechanisms of strengthening and plasticity. There are presently no established materials science and engineering approaches for selecting candidate elements in compositionally complex alloys to achieve specific objectives. Additionally, the field of compositionally complex alloys offers a major, practical challenge: how best to explore and characterize materials in a field defined by an astronomical number of possibilities? This field may offer a good opportunity to develop, apply and integrate high throughput experimental and computational techniques.


A two-and-a-half day workshop will be held to identify major scientific and engineering issues and to discuss strategies for future efforts in this area. Attendees will include international scientists and engineers with strong backgrounds in basic science and in the engineering development of metallic alloys. Scientists outside the field of HEAs will be specifically included to bring in new perspectives, as well as young doctoral and post-doctoral students. The agenda will emphasize the presentation and discussion of issues and opportunities in the field of compositionally complex alloys, rather than reporting results of current work on the topic. An informal, workshop setting is planned with a small group.


Minutes of Discussion on Friday July 18, 2014


Technical Program

Compositionally Complex Alloys 2014


Attendance will be by invitation only

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